maui motion media



maui motion media is a video, motion picture and photographic production company. We have been producing cutting edge media on Maui since 1990.


Creating an engaging and thoroughly compelling motion picture experience is our passion and our mission. We bring this passion to every commercial, documentary, music video, performance and extreme sports video we produce. We use multiple camera angles, solid shooting and innovative editing techniques to tell a story. We shoot from the air, land, or water to ensure that our movies are rich with engaging imagery and dynamic audio to amaze and delight our audience.


Visual media has become an ubiquitous and integral part of the post modern human cultural experience and a vital component of the education and democratic processes.


We produce still and motion imagery for television and the Internet in order to support and advocate for the Maui community and to help inform and educate the community about issues that matter.


If you choose to work with maui motion media, know that you are working with a company that is dedicated to serving the Maui community.

Serving Maui since 1990.

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