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Maui is a huge volcano sitting in the middle of the Pacific ocean. As such, it offers a unique environment with a rare mix of sun, wind, waves, gravity, and terrain which make it an outstanding place for an impressive array of extreme sporting events.


“Jaws” is considered by many to be the largest rideable wave on planet Earth. Hookipa Beach was the first to emerge as an international windsurfing Mecca. People from all over the globe converge on Kanaha Beach to enjoy its consistently perfect kite sailing conditions.


Extreme athletes regularly pit themselves against extraordinarily dangerous forces as they attempt to dominate their sport. Those who succeed become heroes; those who fail, are forgotten, if they survive.


Maui’s beautiful beaches and pristine surf are ideal for a variety of water sports that include paddle boarding, boogie boarding, ocean kayaking, snorkeling, scuba, free diving, wind surfing, kite sailing and of course the sport that Hawaii made famous: surfing. Maui’s position in the Hawaiian Island chain make it a natural for canoe racing.


Maui is the home of the annual “Cycle to the Sun” bike race, and “Run to the Sun” foot race up Haleakala volcano.

 It has been claimed that the road down Haleakala is the steepest in the world, providing the utmost down hill biking experience.


Haleakala is the perfect environment for another extreme sport: hang gliding. Hang gliders can often be seen in the morning hours soaring on the thermals created as the sun’s rays warm the upper slopes of Haleakala. The sport is as risky as it is lofty and fatalities have occurred.


The XTERRA world championship, considered to be the world’s premier off-road triathlon, is held on Maui every fall.


 maui motion media has been capturing these extreme sports on video, up close and personal and in stunning detail so you can be right into the heart of the action. Check out this surf video of “Jaws” we shot in collaboration with LODO films.

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