maui motion media

Mission Statement


maui motion media stands in solidarity with those who protest the insidious corporate greed that impacts our basic right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of health and happiness.


 Government-enabled runaway corporate greed has risen to once inconceivable levels and has led to the massive hemorrhaging of wealth from the middle class to international banks and financial institutions.


The unprecedented corporate pursuit of power and push for profits has led to the contamination of our food and seed supplies with dangerous and untested GMO products, and to the unscrupulous use of toxic agrochemicals, and to the relaxing of regulations that protect consumers from corporate over-reach and abuse.


Corporations have been given free reign to pursue agendas that endanger public health and compromise public safety.


maui motion media is dedicated to using video, television and the internet to help raise awareness in an effort to help bring about positive reform for the good of the community.


maui motion media stands in solidarity with and in support of those who recognize the sovereignty of Hawaii and its people.


maui motion media is committed to using its resources to further community awareness on matters of human rights, economic and social justice, food security and political reform.


 maui motion media supports green and sustainable agricultural and energy producing practices as well as the awareness of alternatives to big pharma health solutions.


maui motion media values traditional and contemporary cultural expression and brings performing arts of every kind to your screens for your entertainment and cultural enrichment.


 maui motion media sees other production companies not as our competitors, but as valuable allies with whom we often pool resources and work together with cooperatively to produce a richer and more creative body of work.


If you choose to work with maui motion media, know that you are working with a company that is dedicated to serving the Maui community.


Serving Maui since 1990.

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