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Wedding Cinema

maui motion media first began as a wedding video company way back in 1983. At that time we did business as Maui Wedding Video and were one of the first to offer  wedding video taping services on Maui. If you were around back then you may remember the original Beta  tape format. That’s what we recorded weddings on in those days. While we’ve grown over the years, expanded our areas of expertise, and honed our story telling skills, producing gorgeous wedding motion pictures will always be one of our fundamental commitments.


We bring our passion and dedication to excellence to every wedding movie we make, from the most formal church wedding to the simplest, casual beach wedding.


 maui motion media  uses professional High Definition digital cameras, advanced microphones, and the most up to date editing platforms available so your wedding movie and will always look and sound amazing.


maui motion media will create a deeply romantic and stunning motion picture of your wedding day that will move you to tears the first time you watch it, and every time you watch it.


A highlights reel is a short film (usually three to five minutes in length) that features the most moving and entertaining moments of the wedding day. We post the highlight reels on Vimeo if you like so you can share with your friends and family.


Here’s a short video of a simple but beautiful wedding on a picturesque Maui beach. Be sure to watch the photo montage recap toward the end of the video.


Pricing is determined by a number of factors including amount of coverage time, number of cameras and operators, and the extent of the editing desired. Let’s start a conversation about the unforgettable wedding movie we can make for you within the budget you have to work with.

Special Events


Throughout the years maui motion media has documented special events in the Maui County community.


From baby luaus to family reunions, staged dramatic performances to Hula and musical performances, speeches or presentations, we offer solid professional coverage that you can count on at a price that’s fair and reasonable.

Serving Maui since 1990.

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